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In March 2022, our firm which was formerly known as “GS&Co. Law Firm” rebranded its identity as “Sitepu Gozali Sitorus Law Firm” or “SGS Law Firm”.

Along with the rebranding of our name, we introduced our new logo which is based on known symbols for law and justice, with the letter of “S”, “G”, “S” structured as the pillar of justice and surrounded by the shield of law.



In order to implement “professional integrity” value, our lawyers provide legal services with honesty, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions, we honor our commitments and be accountable for our actions, successes and failures.
“Client-oriented” means that we strive to understand the client’s business and objectives and seek opportunities to maximize the value of our services including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of client’s information.
To establish “intellectual rigor”, we are very meticulous in our attention to details. To extract larger meaning from data and information to support objective evaluation, decision making and innovation.



Juleo Armen Sitepu, S.H., M.H.

Juleo is one the founders of SGS Law Firm and acted as the Managing Partner. His main field are on criminal disputes and various...

Airlangga Gozali, S.H., M.H.

Airlangga is one the founders of SGS Law Firm and acted as a Partner specializing in labor law and alternative disputes settlement. He got his...

Benaya Ari Patra Sitorus, S.H.

Benaya is one the founding partners of SGS Law Firm specializing in corporate laws, financial technology and insurance. He is a law...

Samuel Royanmer Nababan, S.H.

Samuel is an associate at SGS Law Firm practicing for dispute  settlement and corporate compliance. He has assisted clients in  dealing with...

Kezia Benita Utami, S.H.

Kezia practice commercial litigation, corporate compliance, and  industrial relations. Particularly on industrial relations, Kezia has...

Gavrila Mario Saimima, S.H.

Gavril is a dispute associate at Sitepu Gozali Sitorus Law Firm.  He has assisted numerous local and foreign clients in various  civil...

Jhon Howard Hutagaol, S.H.

Jhon is an associate at Sitepu Gozali Sitorus Law Firm. He earned his Bachelor of Law (S.H) from Trisakti University with a major in...

Valencia Rodrigo, S.H.

Valencia is associate at SGS Law Firm and handling the leading multinational broker insurance company in Indonesia as he become legal...





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